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Igbo Ukwu Bronzes.jpg
The Igbo Ukwu bronzes are a collection of highly sophisticated metal artifacts from the Igbo culture of southeastern Nigeria, dated to around the 9th century AD. These artifacts represent one of the earliest and most refined examples of metalworking…

Used during the Ekpe festival and other ceremonial functions, these masks are an integral part of the traditional masquerade, representing spirits and deities.

Although more commonly associated with the Akan people of Ghana, similar fertility dolls have been found in Igbo culture as well.

Sacred symbols of authority and spirituality, often made from special types of wood and used in religious and social ceremonies.

Wooden sculptures that symbolize achievement and personal god of masculinity. Every Ikenga figure is unique, reflecting the achievements and characteristics of its owner.

These are open-air structures built in honor of the earth goddess and other deities. They are richly decorated with sculptures representing gods, goddesses, animals, and mythical figures.

Igbo Ukwu Bronzes.jpg
These are intricate bronze artifacts discovered in the town of Igbo Ukwu, which date back to the 9th century AD. They include ceremonial vessels, jewelry, and the famous intricate water pot wrapped in a chain.
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